okay, a weird bit of venture capital.

Tifo is a fund by me, Zach Holman. I was the second engineer hired at GitHub and went on to advise GitLab ahead of their IPO. Currently I'm also the co-founder of WorkOn, a sports technology company, and an advisor to Profluence Capital, a sports-focused VC.
Tifo invests in early-stage startups- the earlier the better, because shit's just more fun in the beginning. Investment focus is broadly "companies that don't suck", but there's some particular focus on developer tools and sports.


I love developer tools. Been working within devtools for almost two decades, and there ain't many with a deeper background than me.
Some investments: Replicate, WorkOS, Knock, Zed.


I love sports. I play sports, I watch sports, I volunteer for sports nonprofits, I own clubs. The surface area is huge and ready for disruption™.
Some investments: Oakland Roots, Oakland Soul, Mercury/13.

other weird shit

This ain't a proper fund with LPs and investment guidelines; if you have something you think I'd like, take a swing at it. Good companies are all over the place, and I've invested in hundreds of them.
Some investments: Raycast, Rewatch, Arcade, Cron.


My check size is somewhere around $15k.
Just me investing, so I can make investment decisions fast.
No such thing as "too early". Fuckin' love early. If you're working a job and thinking about bailing to start a company, email me. I've been there.
I'm based in San Francisco and love it, but I wrote the book on remote work, so yeah, I invest across the world, too.
interested in chatting? here send me an electronic mail.

okay that's it.

Find me at @holman on Twitter. I write things on my blog, too.